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Our Story

Vershome is an interior exhibition design studio that features a creative and modern approach through its design. Exploring the world while learning from the best installations across the globe enable them to deliver a unique and excellence

design solution.


Vershome also provides integrated design services that will guide their clients from concept-making, design process, and production. They believe through all their works, they could inspire younger generation.

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Our Founder

Vershome was founded by Roni Timothy, a creative individual who pursues his passion in interior design since he was young, started from playing The SIMS at the age of 10, he is now creating real-life The SIMS everyday. As he loves to travel the world, he discovers various cultures which helps broaden his knowledge and also provide him a lot of new perspectives and inspirations.
Working in this field for the past nine years and has been handling notable clients, such as Summarecon MKG, Baby Axioo, ESQA Cosmetics, Ruangguru and Frank & co., prove that he is an experienced and professional in this field. With his insightful and resourceful nature, he will help clients answering their needs.

Roni Timothy

Creative Director

Meet Our Team

shania frame.png

Shania adores designing commercial spaces that can be transformed into something that is fully utilized and can be enjoyed by many people. She admires eclectic style especially when it comes to mixing different textures and patterns. Watching movies is how she uses her leisure time to cool off and relax.

Shania Jessy

Travis frame.png

Travis has an interior design style that leans more toward modern, contemporary, and futuristic designs. With a preference for open spaces, and an interest in exhibition, retail, and products. He also likes to make something that requires out-of-the-box technicality and innovation.

Travis Tandy
Lead Designer 


Agres is an interior designer who specialized in commercial space and stage design. She loves to create beautiful spaces that make people feel happy and connected. Sketching is also one of her best approaches to communicating effectively. She often spends time exploring the neighborhoods and checking out places that fascinate her, learning about different cultures and meeting new people inspire her the most.

Agres Lestari
Lead Designe


Music and art fascinate Rey the most. He loves to mingle with people so He joined choir during his college years to pursue his love for music and interaction with people. He's an easy going person and can adapt with times and places easily. To boost up his day, he loves to run and exercise every morning.

Reynaldi Ricardo
Project Manager 


Nicole is a person with an ISFJ-A personality. In daily life, she is a very neat and structured person and does not like to put off work if there are no more important obstacles. She will talk more with suitable people or those who know her more closely. Don't hesitate to ask her for help, She will be happy to help you.

Nicole Herman
Project Manager


Emotional carnivore, history enthusiast, and eternal fan of a song called “pseudologia fantastica”

Deny Timothy
Project Manager 


Interested in art, design, and creativity. Risa is an interior designer and stylist with expertise and experience in booth and exhibition design, decoration, interior accessories, and furniture. Not only about interior design, she really likes something beautiful and unique such as fashion trends, music, culture, and human behavior toward design.

Luh de Risa Agustin


Hi, I’m Rochelle, an interior designer who loves modern and elegant designs. Designing an exhibition booth is my passion. I’m an imaginative person that’s always looking for opportunities for creative self-expression.

Chen Rochelle


Gladys is an undergraduate interior design student with a love for designing, modelling, and taking care of her beloved hamsters. Out of her many interests, she finds joy in designing, and improving designs in general, not only interior design.


Her preferred design style is functional, simple, with touches of pastel colours. She loves working as a team in a collaborative environment where she can hang out with her colleagues.

Gladys Abellya


Hello, my name is Irfan Hardiansyah, I am very enthusiastic about science, art, fashion, and the creative industry. I like spending time exploring new things and most of the time I did it from the comfort of indoors.


When inspiration struck, I would draw and journal it. And for the time being, only my cat knows what’s inside my journal.

Irfan Hardiansyah

She is truly a free spirit – outgoing, openhearted, and open-minded. She is someone who is interested in learning things and is fast at learning them.

Hi, I'm Jen, a graphic designer with a passion for modern, minimalist, and clean designs. layouting and creating aesthetic things is my specialty.

Jennifer Christi
Graphic Designer


A graphic designer and typography enthusiast. Seeing visuals and directly designing a typeface is a manifestation of happiness. He is a quiet man, but when you have found the right partner to talk with, don't expect him to be silent. Apart from cooking whatever awesome graphics you want, he also likes to play football, both on the field and virtually.

Rizaldi Putra
Graphic Designer 


Jazz music has been Devany's main source of musical stimulation since she was a young child, resulting in a life full of tranquil rhythms in which she can only function fully in a cozy environment. Additionally, she enjoys trying new things and is not afraid to leave her comfort zone in search of something intriguing.

Devany Liora
Junior Interior Designer 

A passionate creative thinker, who is also a fashion design graduate with 5+ years experience of managing the creative process from conception to completion, generates innovative ideas, while having the ability to act as a creative marketing strategist.

Graciella Anastasia
Creative & Branding Specialist 

Celline is a graphic designer that also has passion in creating illustration with creativity. She enjoys making designs and illustrations while listening to her favorite songs. Aside from creating designs, she also loves to make crochet dolls during her free time.

Celline Christina
Junior Graphic Designer

WhatsApp Image 2023-03-20 at 12.44.20.jpeg

As a tech enthusiast, Anthony often times spent his free time making random things that either lights up, makes a sound, or moving around. He also enjoys building, and painting model kits while listening to random and mostly useless science facts. 

Anthony Steven
Tech Specialist 


Yoga is an engineer who loves technology and experimenting with electricity.  He's always trying to find new ways to make things more efficient and easy to use.  In addition, he is also an ambitious person to learn new things that he did not know, especially in the field of electricity.

Yoga Apriyansyah
Tech Specialist 

Other Initiations by Vershome



Efficient, adaptable also resourceful. We optimize resources to achieve the best result in every aspect.



We take pride in what we do, and we are committed to produce only the best. We pouring our utmost potential in each project.



From concept making, design making, production, to installation, we’re ready to assist you in every step.

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Art Studio

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