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2022 | Jakarta, ID



Vershome in collaboration with Makna Creative


Music festivals are starting to make their way back into people’s weekend schedules. In the midst of the excitement at We The Fest 2022 last September, we created a space for PINTU where festival goers can sit down for a second, drink a can of free beer, and take fun photos with their group of friends, without having to miss a minute of the show.  



28 days


Layout Plan, 3D Design,  Production, and Installation


Jakarta, Indonesia

pintu front view.png
pintu perspective view.png
pintu detail 3.png
pintu detail.png
pintu detail 2.png

As we have worked with many brands before, we understand that every brand is proud of its identity. That is why in this project, we faced the challenge of having to replicate Pintu’s brand color in our printed elements. We did numerous trials through every printing method to make sure Pintu’s color would prominently appear in our installation.

Since there are many interactive activities inside the booth, we also made sure that the layout is optimized to make it feel spacious with a lot of seating areas complete with wall sockets, the two things people always need in a festival.

The name Pintu roughly translates to “Gate” so we created a huge gate in the shape of Pintu’s logo embedded with breathing LED animation to pique people’s interest.

There are also custom-animated LED neon boxes programmed to show Pintu’s colors that continuously glow and move like a wave.

And finally, we made sure that in every lighting scene, day-to-night situations whether it is cloudy or clear, Pintu’s trademark color would be correctly and prominently displayed.

Creative Direction and booth design in collaboration with Makna Creative

Production and Installation by Vershome
Creative Director Roni Timothy
Lead Designer Shania Jessy
Project Manager Adi Gunawan
Graphic Designer Dewi Sakaji Sunartio
Concept Tech Development VOC Studio, Anthony Steven, Travis Tandy
Photographer Fine Projects
Photo Editor Fine Projects, Jennifer Christi

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