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Barenbliss 2nd Anniversary

2023 | Jakarta, ID



Barenbliss Land was created to celebrate Barenbliss's second special birthday.

Embracing the Dreamy Land concept, where love and dreams blend into soft, elegant, and feminine pink installations with a touch of imagination. Barenbliss believes that everyone deserves to shine, and now is the time to Shine 2gether with Barenbliss also in line with the celebration theme, we invited creative people and professionals from various disciplines to collaborate in creating this Dreamy Land installation.


67 days


Concept, Layout Plan, 3D Design,  Production, and Installation


Jakarta, Indonesia


The challenge in this installation is how to create a dreamy impression

and how to introduce Barenbliss products to the public.

And it's not just about introducing them, but also about how the products

can directly interact with the public and create unforgettable enjoyable memories together.

We applied an open layout concept to make it easy for visitors to enter

the booth area and interact with all installation spots from all sides.

As for the colors and materials, we choose them carefully to align

with Barenbliss' image. We created special display areas for each product category that resemble fantasy islands with unique characteristics for each product category. Another interesting aspect of Barenbliss Land is the presence of three photo spots with the themes Giant Cushion, Enchanted Party Room,

and Giant Birthday Cake.

Production and Installation by VERSHOME
Creative Director Roni Timothy
Lead Designer Agres Lestari
Project Manager Deny Timothy
Designer Irfan Hardiansyah
Graphic Designer Rizaldi Putra, Celline Christina
Project Assistant Gladys Abellya, Stevany Linardi
Flower Architect Versarabelle, Valentine Mich
Giant Flower by Elma
Photo by Fine Projects

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