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Frank & co.

2021-2022 | Medan and Depok, ID



To welcome the holiday season, we designed a booth for Frank n Co with the theme of “Gift Station” where the booth is supposed to be Santa Claus’ headquarter in the North Pole which also acts as the pick up point for the gifts.


The inside of the booth is equipped with an infinity mirror and custom programmed smart LED lights to simulate the aurora of the North Pole where the guests can feel that the winter has come. 
To produce the desired “aurora” effect took many trials and errors because we wanted the “aurora” to not only look good on eyes, but also can be captured by camera.



29 days


Concept, Layout Plan, 3D Design,  Production, and Installation


Medan, Depok Indonesia


Frank & co. Christmas edition
at Delipark Medan

We decorated the outer shell of the booth with shelves filled with gift boxes of different dimensions that can light up randomly to act as an attention grabber. Each of the gift boxes were hand tied with black satin ribbon to give it a personal touch.

The booth itself consists of many easily detachable parts which can be easily put back together wherever the booth is intended to be built. This was a challenge for us to create something to be portable, versatile and robust as the booth is going to be in many places.

The booth was designed to be versatile and reusable, that is why the booth design should be neutral enough that it can be applied somewhere else yet look proper for the holiday season.

Utilizing the same shape for both installations, Vershome team designed and produced Frank & Co and The Palace’s booths to decorate Margo City Depok during the Eid Mubarak 2022.

Frank & co. Eid Mubarak edition
at Margo City Depok

With Moroccan concept at heart, we designed the booth to be embellished with Moroccan pattern on half of the wall combined with rough textured walls and finished with a big mirror. A refreshing look for the visitors to have a picture and interact with the installation.

Production and Installation by Vershome
Creative Director Roni Timothy

Frank & co. at Delipark Mall Medan
Lead Designer Melissa Ardani
Photographer Roni Timothy
Photo Editor Jennifer Christi

Frank & co. at Margo City Mall Depok
Luh De Risa Agustin, Travis Tandy
Graphic Designer Dewi Sakaji Sunartio
Photographer Travis Tandy
Photo Editor Rizaldi Putra

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