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GBI Mall of Indonesia

2022 | Jakarta, ID



Having been established for 7 years, GBI MOI has made a special request to transform the look of their worship stage into something extraordinary.

Starting with their new branding color of Royal Blue, we embarked on the discovery phase to align with the "Relentless Spirit" concept, symbolized by the ocean, which represents a (life) journey and conveys a message.

The ocean embodies strength through the immense power carried by its currents and waves. It can also be seen as a mysterious, infinite, and captivating form of spirit that is both awe-inspiring and fascinating.


60 days


Concept, Layout Plan, 3D Design,  Production, and Installation


Jakarta, Indonesia


By implementing shapes, curves, depth, and the color of the ocean, this concept is inspired by the movement and the texture of waves that can symbolize the relentless spirit of God’s mighty army. 


The use of reflective and tough materials such as concrete and steel also means wisdom and awareness in understanding and living the new paradigm.


These shapes and materials are implemented on the backdrop of the stage and partition wall on the left side of the stage which creates a dynamic yet balanced look on the wall.

This stage has unique features in its backdrop modules. Each module has two sides with different looks, creating a dynamic and modern appearance. The modules can be mixed and matched with each other to create various looks for different occasions and themes.

Additionally, the modules are customized and integrated with creative lighting installations. This special installation enables each backdrop to have different lighting colors and animations, enhancing its appearance.


What makes this design truly special is the ability to create limitless possibilities, allowing for a variety of looks and atmospheres in the worship room. This transforms the space into something engaging that can convey meaningful messages and captivate the people.

Production and Installation by VERSHOME
Creative Director Roni Timothy
Lead Designer Agres Lestari
Project Manager Deny Timothy & Reynaldi Ricardo
Concept Tech Development
VOC Studio, Anthony Steven, Travis Tandy
Graphic Designer Jennifer Christi
Photographer Fine Projects

Photo Editor Fine Project, Jennifer Christi

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