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2023 | Jakarta, ID



Inspired by KIVA’s product packaging and brand identity, we designed the booth using black and white geometric shapes.


Our goal was to keep the booth as minimalistic as possible to showcase KIVA’s primarily gold-colored products, while still capturing the visitors' interest. We achieved this by incorporating a lighted column and ribbons scattered throughout the booth. These elements serve as the focal point of the installation, directing attention to the island table where all the products are displayed.





Concept, Layout Plan, 3D Design,  Production, and Installation


Jakarta, Indonesia


KIVA Beauty Fest Asia 2023
at Pacific Place Ballroom

To enhance the overall experience, upon entering the booth area, visitors are guided through a mesmerizing sparkling infinity room, offering a captivating backdrop for photos.

KIVA Jakarta X Beauty, July 2023
at Jakarta Convention Center

For this occasion, KIVA aimed to showcase their playful side with an infinity room and board games. The linear-style booth is divided into three main sections: the cashier area, featuring a prominent logo on the ceiling; the game area; and the display area with the infinity room. These three distinct rooms are designed to accentuate each other's presence by incorporating harmonious colors and identical shapes.

KIVA Jakarta X Beauty, December 2023
at Jakarta Convention Center

Despite the limited space, our goal was to provide every visitor with the full KIVA booth experience. On each partition, we designed attractions for taking pictures or for branding purposes. We placed the focal point in the corner area, where the display table is located so that everyone can easily see and immediately try KIVA’s products. The logo is uniquely and mesmerizingly displayed on the ceiling, reflecting KIVA’s identity. Additionally, we installed running text on the ceiling beam that runs throughout the booth.

Production and Installation by Vershome
Creative Director Roni Timothy
Lead Designer Agres Lestari
Designers Irfan Hardiansyah, Agres Lestari
Project Manager Deny Timothy
Graphic Designer Rizaldi Putra
Tech Art Installation by  VOC Studio
Photographers by Fine Projects & Tristan Salim

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