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PT. Tan Putra Tama

2022 | Jakarta, ID



The main concept for PT. Tan Putra Tama’s booth for the event is modern and professional.

The challenge for this installation is how to represent multiple brands under PT. Tan Putra Tama such as Claris, Clara, Kendi, Boncoco, and Roman in one booth. We wanted each of the brands to be distinctly recognizable by the customers of each respective brand yet complement each other visually together as PT. Tan Putra Tama’s brands.


We utilized cream as the main color derived from PT. Tan Putra Tama’s corporate color to unify the brand colors and the visual. The combination between wood pattern finishing and a little bit of red is used to give the booth a strong accent and recognizability.



61 days


Concept, Layout Plan, 3D Design,  Production, and Installation


Jakarta, Indonesia


The booth area is divided into several zones: the cooking demo area, the dealing area, and the transaction area.


In the cooking demo area, we created a long table to facilitate the cooking demo’s need for a bigger space. There is also a special area made to showcase the food samples that are made from PT. Tan Putra Tama’s products.


Between the cooking demo area and the sample showcase area, we created a hallway made from repetitions of wood elements with giant mock-product embedded on the walls and a spin wheel as an interactive element to attract visitors.


To make it easier for the visitors or customers to know more about PT. Tan Putra Tama’s products, we also designed a wall filled with brand logos, information, and real product size of each brand in the dealing area to make it easier for PT. Tan Putra Tama’s employees to present their products.


Production and Installation by Vershome
Creative Director Roni Timothy
Designer Travis Tandy, Chen Rochelle
Project Manager Nicole Herman
Graphic Designer Jennifer Christi
Photographer Fine Projects
Photo Editor Fine Projects, 
Jennifer Christi

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