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2023 | Surabaya, ID



Somethinc always had something unusual that stands out for its visual elements and we were given a chance to explore the theme “Fantasy Space” for their offline activation events at Surabaya x Beauty 2023.

Our designers gave a touch of Galaxy Purple on top of a modern futuristic concept for their booth's overall look with Somethinc’s brand colors purple and grey to achieve a fixture that looks like a spaceship’s interior.


Aside from the vibrant and futuristic colors and design characteristics, a strong branding element that is easily recognized is our booth’s strong point so that the visitors can easily identify and visit the booth. We also put information on the running text display to not only act as a communication channel but also as a gimmick.


42 days


Concept, Layout Plan, 3D Design,  Production, and Installation


Jakarta, Indonesia


Optimal layout setup is our main challenge for the project because there are several specific requests from the client based on their previous experience.


The arrangement of bubble zoning that needs to be followed and the diagonal-oriented logo design have challenged our designers to exercise their creativity in the appearance of Somethinc’s booth.

The intense discovery phase and creative process with Somethinc's internal team have led us to agree on a more minimalist appearance that aligns with the theme while responsibly considering the ergonomic aspects of the space. This can be seen in the half-rounded cashier table that enhances the effectiveness of the queue flow in Somethinc’s booth and the spacious storage area that allows users to move freely to the pick-up point.

In the details of the fixture display, each fixture is designed to be a modular unit that can be adjusted in size for other booth layouts. The fixtures serve as partition wall functions to save space in the booth.

The design team has given a modern shape to the modular fixture display, evident in the curves in each display area, the gradually narrowing legs of the fixture modules, and the wide drawers. The curvy island table with ample space in the storage area creates a futuristic impression.

The connection of the wall elements, signage on the cashier's ceiling, and floating into the display area are seamlessly integrated, and the window-like construction shaped like a spaceship is made see-through with holographic colors to achieve a dynamic form.

Production and Installation by Vershome
Creative Director Roni Timothy
Lead Designer Agres Lestari
Project Manager Deny Timothy
Irfan Hardiansyah, Yolanda Veronica
Graphic Designer Rizaldi Putra
Photographer Pieter Kurniawan

Photo Editor Pieter Kurniawan, Rizaldi Putra

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