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Studio Tropik
at Medan X Beauty

2022 | Medan, ID



Studio Tropik is proudly famous for its distinct resort look even though they are a beauty brand commonly known for using cute colors and shapes.


But on this occasion, the founder of Studio Tropik entrusted us with designing a new look for their booth at MedanxBeauty by Female Daily on November 2022. We came up with the same concept of “Studio Tropik Le Resort”.

Our main challenge is that the required 6x3-sized booth was installed at Medan, which is relatively far from our Jakarta studio, so we have to be very careful with the logistics to ensure what we created here in Jakarta arrives in Medan safely. 



35 days


Concept, Layout Plan, 3D Design,  Production, and Installation


Medan, Indonesia


Layouting and display position is the highlight of our design for Studio Tropic Le Resort. Storage and cashier area are made into one and the wall separator is utilized as the display wall and logo.

Artboard 1.jpg

Two round tables in the middle of the area are designed to pull attention to the new products with tropical leaf patterned fabrics strewn all across the ceiling in a wave, custom-made mirror shaped like a surfing board, and beach chairs to accentuate the theme of Le Resort where the visitors can express them self as if they are on vacation with Studio Tropik.

To make the booth stand out but still proportional, we utilized wooden beams shaped into a big triangle and placed them on top of the booth to act as the “roof” with Studio Tropik’s logo placed in the center.

As our main focus for this design is to raise brand awareness, we made sure that every side of the booth embodies the branding elements of Studio Tropik through unique visuals. To make sure that the booth we designed can be re-used by Studio Tropik on different events, we designed the booth to be modular and easy to re-assemble into a new layout design as demonstrated in Her by USS feed event where we also created a custom-made mini cart to help with the grand launching of one of their product.

Production and Installation by Vershome
Creative Director Roni Timothy
Lead Designer Melissa Ardani
Project Manager Deny Timothy
Designer Gladys Abellya
Graphic Designer Jennifer Christi
Photographer Saturama
Photo Editor Saturama, Jennifer Christi

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