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Fine Counsel

2022 | Jakarta, ID



Fine Counsel (PBSI official merchandise) booth at Indonesia Master 2022 & Indonesia Open 2022.


“Modern Minimalist” is the core essence of this booth design concept. Putting first functionality, we avoid shapes and constructions that are not well defined in functionality and purpose. Hollow steel and wood texture are chosen to create uniqueness yet still simple in the overall look.



24 days


Concept, Layout Plan, 3D Design,  Production, and Installation


Jakarta, Indonesia


Simple is not always easy. Form factor exploration is always the number one priority in designs that puts users’ comfort, activity level, and needs first.

In the early creative phase of this outdoor booth, the client’s priority is for the booth to be as functional as possible. We took great care in designing storages with many shelves, and the efficient flow in displaying products, doing transactions, and restocking.
Since this is an outdoor booth, the constructions have to be strong enough to withstand winds, storms, and heavy rain as it is placed at Istora Senayan’s outdoor area.

Despite the client’s request that the booth should be as simple as possible, we go above and beyond by integrating intricate details into the visual display. This is done to make the booth looks to be more dynamic and alive and not soulless.
Each one of the details such as font size and other visual elements is discussed closely with Fine Counsel team to achieve maximum aesthetics and of course client satisfaction.

Other supporting elements like lighted signage, see-through partition with Fine Counsel logo, Fine Counsel x Indonesia Master and Indonesia Open products VM, custom table and hangers, and display catalogs are arranged to ensure every visitor can experience the whole booth efficiently.

Production and Installation by Vershome
Creative Director Roni Timothy
Concept & Designer Luh De Risa Agustin, Roni Timothy
Project Manager Adi Gunawan
Graphic Designer Gabriella Valencia
Photographer Andrew Dre
Photo Editor Oren Wahyudy, Jennifer Christi

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